The Zero Point Quimby

Zero points for faking the SAAP. Too bad our judges can’t give negatives out for faking it with wine.

Definition: Quimby – the middle guy in a the dude sex train.

(edit: is that guy deep throating a cigar?)

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Non Vertical SAAP

Kudos for this guy to getting it done even when the legs give out on you. Unless he is a legless mass.  A legless mass of man.

I think the crowd is reacting to the fact that this is being done with BL Lime.  The desert beer.

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SAAP O’clock

He’s actually a lefty, but the watch was too heavy to hold his arm up that long.

Sick back arch. Like a Playmate.

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You might remember this guy from a few weeks ago.  One of his compatriots sent in this alternative shot, and it had to be posted.

Move over firefighters and astronauts – there’s a new hero in town.

I bet he was drinking the same shit when he commissioned that tat.

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No Sass on the Grass

This dude is no nonsense.  Takes a knee, and get it done.


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Long Road Ahead

Repetition is the key metric to achieving good form.

I hope they tipped the maid. Just the tip.

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This Might Be The Fastest Way to Die

Don’t try this at home.

Do try this on your local rental limo-bus.

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Its well known that if you SAAP, you can’t afford high end Italian sports cars.  But these loyalists saw an opportunity to pose and pounced.

This is much better than the Lambo pictures we all had on our bedrooms walls as kids.  You know you had one.

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Penguins Can’t Fly, But They Can SAAP

I just Googled “interesting facts about penguins”.

Fact # 2 = Penguins’ wings cannot bend due to the fact the bones in their wings have fused together to make a sort of stiff paddle.

True story.

Unfair advantages are still advantages.

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Engagement SAAP. True Love.

I think the divorce rate in this country is about to go lower.

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